If there’s one word I would use to describe my birth experience, well, let’s just say it was a bit of a whirlwind to meet Miss Lana Say!

Miss Lana King Say, born via caesarean on 20.04.21 at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital

If you know me or have been following me for a while, you will have gathered that overall, I had a very healthy pregnancy. My due date was set to be the 16th of April, but as we know this is very much a guideline and only around 3–5% of women give birth on their actual due date.

Everything I speak about in this series of posts is from my own experience and research and for informational purposes only. The following information is not to be misconstrued as medical advice, which is why I always recommend first to speak to your health professional if you have any questions.

Having said that, there are many specialists who have been instrumental in my own recovery from HA and who I believe are invaluable resources within the field of menstrual health and women’s hormones. I have referenced some of them at the bottom of this blog post.

I was 22 when…

Me training in the gym at 21 weeks pregnant

A lot of the following advice comes from myself and my experience of the last six years of training pre- and post-natal clients. There is also advice supported by the NHS guidelines on exercising during pregnancy.

What are the main reasons for keeping active during pregnancy?

• Relieving any muscular and/or joint soreness from your body changing shape over the course of your pregnancy

• Improving body mechanics and strengthening your posture

• Reduction of swelling and improved circulation

• Prevention of gestational diabetes

• Stronger body for less complicated labour

• Eased post-partum recovery

• Strengthening and maintaining a…

November 2020

Warning: This is a potential trigger blog post particularly if you are #ttc or struggling with fertility issues. At the same time, I hope that my story can inspire others that no matter what the fertility issues you are or have been experiencing, there can be a positive and happy ending.

Throughout my life I would say that I describe myself as a typical Type A personality — micro-controlling every aspect of my life and I’ve always been extremely career-focussed. When I met Ryan at 22 and we subsequently got married when I was 28, children were in…

Exercise is a wonderful tool to help stimulate those happy hormones in the body. Exercising in groups can also be a great motivator!

I’ve noticed a theme amongst some of my clients over the past couple of weeks and it generally seems to be linked to feelings of uncertainty about the future, anxiety surrounding their jobs and job security, feeling down about their weight gain, mounting pressure and stress and overall feeling demotivated. Many of us will have enjoyed a slower pace of life during the lockdown and will want to hold on to as many of those moments as possible. But this hasn’t been the case for everyone, and for some it’s been an incredibly testing few months. …

Pre-lockdown running in Palm Mar, Tenerife

1. Invest in some proper running trainers

Every runner definitely needs to take a very close look at their technique. But with all the specialist running shops closed at the moment, would I recommend a gait analysis to help you buy a pair of running shoes? Not necessarily! The majority of people can run in a neutral or stability shoe, but the most important factor by far in choosing a shoe that is comfortable and that is built for the purpose of running! So please do not run in your Vans or Converse trainers, and god forbid you dust off…

My pre-PT career days sat a desk in my corporate job!

Much has been mentioned in the press recently about the effects of poor posture leading to problems such as ‘tech neck’ or ‘skull horns’ (yes, those are a thing), lower back issues and tight shoulders to name a few. In an ideal world companies would be offering their employees standing desks, but unfortunately we’re a long way off from that happening. So what can we do to achieve the proper posture and alignment whilst at a laptop or computer?

Achieving the proper alignment of the entire body is very difficult when using a laptop. Most of us gaze down at…

With less than a month to go until Christmas, many of us are well aware of the need to lose weight before gorging on mince pies!

Although I am all for relaxing and enjoying yourselves with loved ones this Christmas, the excess calories from food and the empty calories from alcohol can leave us feeling bloated and lethargic. But if you just consider some small changes day-to-day you can still look and feel your best this Christmas. …

Winter running in Richmond Park, London.

For many of us, as soon as the temperature outside starts to plummet, our running mojos go with it. The long Summer days are long gone and now that the shorter days paired with a bitterly cold breeze have crept in, it understandably isn’t the most persuading argument for getting in an early morning run. Whilst changing up your workout routine during the Winter and favouring indoor spin classes is no bad thing, keeping up (or starting) running in the Winter actually has a whole host of benefits. …

A few weeks ago, 10 days before my surf and yoga retreat in Portugal, I decided to follow in my friend Rahel’s footsteps, and embark on a little experiment to lose some weight before the holiday. Now, I hate to use the term ‘diet’ because I am against diet culture and everything it stands for and leads to. Also, I don’t believe this particular experiment has coined the term ‘diet’, so for the purpose of this blog post we will stick to the term “the BMR experiment’.

In a similar way to Rahel, I had been enjoying the start of…

Yasmine Say

Founder of Say Fitness Personal Training. #PersonalTrainer, Fitness Instructor, #Running Coach and STOTT Pilates Instructor. www.sayfitnesspt.com @sayfitnesspt

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